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Keep your followers engaged through your stories!
A great way to keep memories is through your Instagram stories. It's quick and easy to document your daily life and it allows you to do so in a very personalized matter. But aside from it being a bank of mementos, it's ...
Improve your microblogging skills.
You may have mastered curating your Instagram feed. Next in line for you to conquer is the Instagram story! You don't want to have the same content from Snapchat, so you face the dilemma of being extra creative on your IG stories. ...
Plus, how Filipinas believe in the strength of femininity, how to manage money so you won't be broke again, how to level up your Insta-stories, and more must-read articles this week.
 The strength in femininity. A study says that 96% of Filipinas "believe that femininity is not a weakness." Learn more about it here!(via How to never be broke again. These six basic tricks can help you get started on how to budget ...
BRB, doodling everything in candy cane!
Instagram released new updates just in time for Christmas and we think you'll dig them! Read about them in the roundup below.StickersSimply tap the sticker button right next to the drawing and text tools to enjoy an assortment of stickers!Special holiday stickersAside from ...
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