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This is what happened at the Bond of Brothers shoot! And you get to see the exclusive pictures only here on! Check it out!
Ace those college entrance exams!
Review past and present lessons. College entrance exams usually cover topics you already tackled in high school. Browse through your old text books and notes to refresh your memory. The longer you prepare for an exam, the better. (A month of preparation ...
Get a load of the best of the latest telenovela craze!
Get a clue on handling boys the right way!
How to Catch His Eye Getting a guy’s attention is easy. You can sing, dance, laugh or scream whenever he passes by and voila! You’ve got his attention! But believe me, that’s not what you want. What you want is to catch ...
Get to know your favorite contender from the second batch of StarStruck hopefuls!
Get Over Him! Get a peek into The Candy Girl's Guide To Life!
Zone in on the day in, day out. Other times in life, it’s good to have five—year plans and think of the future. After a break—up, it’s better to concentrate on the days as they come. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the future–just ...
Get ready to meet His Royal Sigh-ness!
Mysterious, funny, and utterly charming, the towering 17-year-old cutie from Sarah The Teen Princess can pass for a real-life prince. Make a curtsy, and get ready to meet His Royal Sigh-ness! Campos Close-Up Full name: Mikel Campos Birthday: July 29, 1986 School: ...
What to do when there's nowhere to go but forward? Move at your own pace–with progress at your feet!
THE DAWSON DILEMMA-ED BEST FRIEND So you’ve known him since the days when mud was an acceptable food group and when rollerblades were the height of coolness. So you swore off the possibility of your hygiene-challenged burp-and-fart-factory of a best bud turning ...
Alice Peacock, rocking singer behind the hit Bliss, shares the thrills of falling in love for the first time
My first love letter: I got it when I was in grade school. It wasn’t a real love letter. It was more like, “I like you. I think you’re really pretty. Do you want to meet at the playground?” My first crush: ...
Candy's 12-month plan for making friendships that last a lifetime!
January | Take risks together. With the whole year ahead of you, now’s the time to dream big and aim high. Too scared to take that leap of faith? Take it in tandem–that’s what first-time skydivers do. Tightly strapped onto someone you ...
We think we have them all figured out, but we may have a thing or two to learn from those strange creatures called boys.
We think we have them all figured out: those boys–car-court-and-console-fanatic, commitment-phobic, cut-and-comb-allergic couch potatoes. But wait–we may have a thing or two to learn from those strange creatures called boys. How to Do Down-Time You have to admire a guy's ability to ...
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