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Two of them have pursued a career in K-pop!
News flash: It has been 13 years (!!) since Boys Over Flowers took the world by storm! The Korean spinoff of the popular Japanese manga series, Hana Yori Dango, had everyone singing ~almost paradiseeee~ when it aired on ABS-CBN, and it has ...
From deeply personal meanings to fan tributes.
Getting a design permanently inked on your skin is a major decision to make, so many people naturally resort to getting tattoos with personal and meaningful stories behind them. And our favorite K-pop idols are no different.The youngest member of BTS has quite the collection ...
Ah, good times.
Do you still remember the first time you had a crush on someone? It could have been as simple as a childhood crush or maybe it's the kind that led you to your ~first love~. Either way, there’s something special about firsts, and that applies to ...
Check out more content from your faves!
It seems everyone's on TikTok these days—including several K-pop idols! With the current situation making live events impossible for now, celebrities have taken to uploading more content on social media in order to interact with their fans. If you find yourself missing ...
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