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Even the smallest ideas can change the world.
A simple idea can change everything. Since the beginning of time, we have been experiencing change and innovation. It's inevitable. If not for the fearless human beings who believed in their capabilities and their imagination, our planet would have been a blank ...
Plus, more hand lettering tips in her new book!
Aside from the fact that Abbey Sy is ridiculously creative and crazy-talented, she is also a prolific artist who doesn't seem to run out of lettering ideas. She always has something artistic to share with her followers whether through her blog or ...
The last minute trick you need to wrap gifts that even a lazy girl could do!
There comes a time when we need to wrap thousands of gifts for Christmas to give to our family and friends. But sometimes, the amount of gifts could be overwhelming—making you feel lazy to wrap anything. Thankfully, we've found an easy way ...
Give your annual Kris Kringle a twist with these fun ideas!
Christmas is fast approaching and what better way to anticipate your Christmas party with friends than playing Secret Santa? But Secret Santa can get repetitive, so we found some interesting ideas to spice up this gift giving game.This is done in the ...
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