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See Alex Pettyfer change his identity and use his power to fight against the ruthless marauders.
DreamWorks Pictures' I Am Number Four is an action-packed thriller starring British actor Alex Pettyfer (who's also in the upcoming movie Beastly with Vanessa Hudgens) together with Timothy Olyphant and Glee's Dianna Agron. The story is about an American disenfranchised teen on ...
Glee and I Am Number Four star Dianna Agron stars in a 10-minute film called A Fuchsia Elephant that she wrote and directed herself!
Dianna Agron is best known for her role as Quinn Fabray on the hit show Glee. She also stars opposite Alex Pettyfer in the movie I Am Number Four. But did you know that she also starred in a 10-minute film that ...
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