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Warning: Spoilers ahead!
Trigger warning: This article contains sensitive content. There are scary movies, then there are ~SCARY~ movies. You know the type, we're talking about films that make you feel the need to hide beneath your blankets and keep the lights on when you ...
The Japanese horror franchise will give you nightmares for days.
Popular Japanese horror franchise Ju-On, better known as The Grudge, is getting a Netflix series—and we can’t wait to have a hauntingly good scare!The streaming site, in collaboration with NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan, released the trailer to Ju-on: Origins (Ju-on: Noroi no Ie) a few days ...
Give yourselves a good scare with these movies.
Admit it, there are just days when you're in the mood to give yourself a little scare. We get those, too. This is why we've been anticipating and re-watching these movies these days. Ugh, if only we can get through the whole ...
In case you miss the feeling you got while watching Train to Busan.
By now, we hope you've already watched the Korean zombie thriller Train to Busan already. Yes, it's an exhausting movie because it feels like your heart's going to pop out of your chest. But don't you just miss the feeling of screaming your lungs out ...
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Vhong Navarro stars in Star Cinema's first movie of 2011.
Star Cinema opens the year with a horror comedy flick titled Bulong starring Vhong Navarro, Bangs Garcia, and Angelica Panganiban. Bulong is a story about a nurse (Navarro) who is desperate to have the girl of his dreams, Ellen (Garcia). Believing the ...
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The Candy editors share their favorite horror films.
How about you? What is your favorite horror flick?Got a question you'd like to ask the editors? Spill in the comments below! :) ...
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