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Take your cue from these celebs for stellar makeup looks that are really easy to do!
With all the parties, get togethers, and endless amount of photo-taking sessions with friends and family, the holidays can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to picking the right look to make sure you feel and look good. Since we know ...
Stand out and dazzle this Christmas and New Years with these awesome shimmery beauty tools!
One reason to love the holidays, especially for beauty enthusiasts everywhere, is that you can sport all sorts of glittery and shimmery makeup without second guessing your entire look thanks to all the parties. Swiping on shimmery eyeshadow, glittery nail polish, and ...
Learn how you can dazzle with this simple yet gorgeous beauty look!
Whose look are you copping this Christmas?
"My hair is finally long enough for highlights again—yay! I love Neon Blush's Jenny Ong's subtle, California-cool ones." —Marla, Editor in Chief"My beauty peg for the holiday season is Lauren Conrad. :) I always love her look, it's always so glam but ...
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