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Take your highlighting game to the next level.
It's always a fun escape to check out the current beauty rage—from contouring to baking. But while it's fun to watch your favorite beauty vloggers try the different trends out, it can be pretty intimidating to cop the look in real life, ...
Achieving glowing skin is now as accessible as scoring your favorite red lippie!
There's really nothing better than looking fresh and youthful all day long. Luckily, the year 2016 has brought us a ton of beauty products that effortlessly enhances the glow in all of us, one of which is the highlighter! From powders to ...
Let's celebrate the year that was!
Let's face it. There have been countless of cool stuff that happened this year that has made 2015 an amazing, unforgettable, and undeniably awesome year. We couldn't list down every single thing even if we tried, so we did the next best ...
Learn how to highlight your best features so you can always look great!
There's a beauty look that's been the best kept secret of making artists everywhere and most girls are actually not aware of it. Highlighting the face is a simple trick that looks great on everyone and can effortlessly make you stand out—definitely ...
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