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Feel and look your best for that big event!
More than having nothing to wear and getting a bad breakout, a bloated tummy truly gets in the way of anyone's big event preps. The "eat healthy and exercise" tip sadly won't cut it at times like this. The quickest and most ...
Beat those post-holiday blues with the Candy plan and start the year right!
Ready to run away at the sight of another endless buffet? Can't stand the thought of another festive late night? If you're down with the holiday hangover—eyebags, extra pounds, and all—we've got some tips to get you back on track!The perfect way ...
Put down those junk food and sappy movies. They're just making it worse.
It's always tragic when the time comes to end a relationship. In your time of healing that broken heart, you never know that you might be resorting to unhealthy fads of moving on, and making your body feel worse. Here’re 4 healthy ...
Stay happy and healthy without extreme dieting.
Gone are the days when the stereotypical model was thought to have a diet of black coffee and nothing else. These days, you'll see some of your faves like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner chowing down a burger or a fistful of ...
Say hello to your new fitness companion!
Over the years, many have tried to diversify fitnessin an attempt to make visits to the gym more interesting. Compared to the usual routinely workout of just running on the treadmill and lifting weights, choices now vary from circuit training andCrossFit, to ...
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