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"As long as he lives, [Miyazaki] will probably continue to make films."
Studio Ghibli has announced that it will be working on two new movies in 2020. One of the films under production is titled How Do You Live? (Kimitachi wa D? Ikiru ka), which will be directed by the legend himself, Hayao Miyazaki. This ...
Learn how to make the ramen from Ponyo, onigiri from Spirited Away, Congee from Princess Mononoke, bacon and eggs from Howl's Moving Castle, and the bento box from My Neighbor Totoro!
If you're a fan of Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki and his animated films, you'll love this how-to video from Movie Pilot. Featuring 5 meals from Miyazaki's films, the tutorial shows you how to recreate them easily at home. We broke down the ...
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