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Just because it happens every day and to a lot of people, doesn't mean it's right.
We're thankful for the internet for so many reasons, one of which is for bringing us closer to the people we look up to like celebrities and inspiring personalities. But there are days when we just don't understand the kind of power ...
Sound advice from a 13 year old who experiences it on the daily.
Andrea Brillantes is a lot like other 13-year-olds in terms of being a total fangirl, updating her social accounts, or hobbies. What's different is she gets flak for almost everything she does—she gets called out for being a "fake fan," wearing clothes that are ...
As Miranda Sings says, “Haters back off.”
Ah, the power of social media. This is where I believe most of you haters are lurking. You're just there, hiding behind your computers or maybe even hiding behind some fake account. You send hate messages with all those grammatical errors. It ...
"Jenkins, pour me a glass of Haterade please!"
No matter how hard we try there will always be that one person (or group of people) who will hate, hate, hate, hate us no matter what we do. They will have their mean opinions that echo in our heads and claw at our ...
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