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Plus, she shares a little something about boyf James Reid!
Last week, Sony invited us to the launch of its ILCE-5100L camera and to find out what's keeping Nadine Lustre happy these days. So we took the opportunity and asked Nadz exactly that. Here are eight of the things we found out that brings her ...
Every minute counts!
In a research conducted by a mattress company, sleep was proven to be everyone's ultimate happy pill—provided that we get enough of it. However, the same study has shown that getting the typically recommended seven hours of sleep isn't enough.Turns out, there's ...
Don't be a nega-tron, be an optimist prime.
Do you find yourself often tweeting #hugot tweets because of what you've been going through? Instead of taking it all out on social media, you can try these concrete ways to keep the sadness away. If you're unhappy for no apparent reason, ...
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