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Being a student in the middle of the pandemic is harder than it looks. From all the adjustments these students are doing on a daily basis, they would easily grab any school hacks or tips just to make this academic year a ...
"I don't have a bad handwriting, I have my own font!"
People with bad handwriting get a lot of flak for writing poorly. From comments like, "parang kinahig ng manok ang sulat mo" to "pwede ka nang mag-doctor," they never hear the end of it. Here are 10 other things people with terrible handwriting can ...
Just in time for back-to-school season!
It's legit back to school in a few weeks (for some, anyway) and one of the problems you'll be having on your first few days (aside from having summer sepanx) is writing legibly. Two months of bumming around, spending time online, and ...
And five sassy comebacks to shut them down.
Having good or bad penmanship was such a big deal back when we were all just learning to write. Unfortunately, those who had (or still have) bad hand writing never heard the end of it! Below are the five comments they've been told ...
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