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Plus, more hand lettering tips in her new book!
Aside from the fact that Abbey Sy is ridiculously creative and crazy-talented, she is also a prolific artist who doesn't seem to run out of lettering ideas. She always has something artistic to share with her followers whether through her blog or ...
Good handwriting not required!
Let's be honest, keeping a journal is a never-ending creative process. Aside from making sure that your thoughts and stories are written creatively, you also have to see to it that they look just as nice on paper. So when The Calligraphy Hub posted about tips ...
It's all about the alphabet!
If you're a fan of hand lettering and Abbey Sy, you probably already have her first book The ABCs of Hand Lettering and her latest one The ABCs of Journaling. If you've been eagerly waiting for her next project, then you'll be happy to ...
Don't you wish these lines were just your run-of-the-mill, everyday conversations with your special one?
Sometimes, don't you just hear a line from a song or a movie or a TV show and immediately sigh to yourself, make you want to hug someone, hold your guy's hand, or just feel all loved up? Yup. We understand. We've ...
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