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Now you don’t have to worry about fixing your hair in between circuits.
Whether you're aiming to lose weight, trying to increase your strength and flexibility, or just want to release endorphins, heading to the gym these days is already part of people's routines, and is ingrained in their lifestyles already. When you're sweating it ...
Jennifer Lawrence chops off her locks and opts for the hottest hairdo of the summer! Check out other celebrities who went for the long bob too!
We've been talking about the hottest colors, fashion trends, and makeup for the summer but we have yet to talk about the hottest hair trend of the summer—the long bob! This past weekend, star of The Hunger Games trilogy, Jennifer Lawrence, showed ...
Recreate all of LC's classic hairstyles with the help of this simple and easy hair tutorial video!
Which hairstyle would you try on yourself? Leave a comment below! ...
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