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But there are ways to compromise.
Hair ties have become a somewhat permanent fixture in our beauty routine, but with each use, these elastic bands give stress and pressure to your hair, producing permanent flyaways and dents. Plus, they can snag and break your hair follicles. It's impossible ...
Plus they're easy to recreate!
Still not sure what to do with your hair for the parties and endless photos you're about to take? That's okay. All the endless options and possible looks can get pretty confusing, which is why we're here to simplify it for you. ...
Major lob inspo right here!
Just last week we shared with you guys that Emma Roberts swapped her long locks for a gorgeous new lob, this time around another long-haired beauty is also joining the lob club–Gigi Hadid just debuted a sleek new long bob at this ...
You may be doing more harm to your locks without knowing it.
You already know the most common culprits of damaged hair—too tight hairstyles, elastics with metal, excessive heat styling without protection, and many more. But here, we discuss a few common habits you never thought could ruin your strands. Scroll down to learn ...
Not feeling your new cut? We're here to help!
As fun it is to get a new haircut every now and then, changing up your 'do doesn't always guarantee success. There are times you won't like your freshly chopped hairstyle and that's completely okay. Since we know just how frustrating it ...
We've rounded up the most common hair dilemmas and we'll teach you how to fix them!
When it comes to hair problems, there are 5 distinct ones that almost all girls know or have experienced. From dry and rough hair to damaged colored hair, we know exactly where you're coming from and we're here to help! First by ...
We show you just how easy and fun it is to master this braid!
Girls with curly hair have just as many cute and chic hairstyle options as girls with straight or wavy hair. We're here to show you some super easy and chic braid hairstyles you can sport with your tresses! We asked for a ...
Find out her favorite beauty trick and biggest hair mistake.
Just recently the super gorgeous Selena Gomez was named as the newest face (and hair) of global brand Pantene and the Latin star definitely deserved it because of how she proudly shows off her naturally wavy tresses. To promote her latest campaign, ...
We're starting to get obsessed with her effortless looks and vibe.
Immy Waterhouse is the younger sister of model and actress Suki Waterhouse. Although the resemblance to her older sis is uncanny, Immy (a model herself), is fast making a mark in the fashion industry with her own quirkly and distinct style and ...
Here's how you can make sure your hair will come out looking great!
Coloring your hair is just one of the most fun ways to change up your locks in an instant. Plus it's also a really cool way to express yourself! Whether you like sticking to neutral hues or opt for statement colors, hair ...
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 Tweak it. Here are 7 super simple ways to change your look in an instant! (via Daddy's girl. Fact: Your dad is the best—all daddy's girls think this. Right? (via LizQuen, aww. Enrique Gil was the perfect gentleman when Liza Soberano suffered from a minor wardrobe malfunction ...
Look super polished and cute in just 5 steps!
Most people don't know that girls with medium-length hair have just as many hairstyle options as girls with long hair. So to show you just how fun and easy it is to change up your hairstyle for every day, we asked for the ...
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Because of the sudden quarantine, every store was forced to close for our own safety that is why there was a sudden decrease on our sales. But Hungry Hubb managed to survive by focusing on online selling and social media promotion. Our best seller would be Shawarma salad which is mediterranean style. We add authentic Garlic sauce to our shawarma (Which is available in Wrap, Salad, & Rice). Every product that we sell are very affordable and delicious. Our starting price is only 50php. (Shawarma Wrap). For Shawarma Salad (70php). We also have Milktea (60php) and Rice meals such as Lechon Kawali, Chicken barbecue, and Pork Barbecue for only 120 pesos.

And of course, I wouldn’t make it up this far without the help of my family and friends who have supported be from the very start. This is an open letter and inspirational especially to students that want to earn their own money. Nothing is impossible. You just have to be determined enough to turn your plans into reality.

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