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How do you like your buns?
Whether you're rushing out of the house, or simply want to play with your tresses, you can count on a bun to up your hair game in a snap. From the classic ballerina bun to the fun and trendy milkmaid braid bun, ...
Here's your ultimate guide to effortlessly edgy tresses.
While celebrities are often stylish in fashion that looks "put-together," models are famous for their messy and effortless looks that are always on point. A lot of girls turn to models for their undone, but always fashionable OOTDs, but models aren't just fashion ...
Try these braided hairstyles one day at a time!
If you're having a lazy day, the easiest way to spice your 'do is to play with braids. With the rise of the braid trend, out comes so many different braid options you won’t get bored trying! From the inside out braid ...
For the girls who aren't afraid to experiment and go a little crazy with their locks!
We've always loved Emma Roberts for her amazing acting skills. Throughout her career she has played various roles from awkward teen in Unfabulous, curious sleuth in Nancy Drew, bratty gal in Wild Child, and crazy sorority president on Scream Queens. While Emma has ...
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