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It's a three-step tip!
New year, new you. New year, happier you? Totally possible! Don't get us wrong, the goal to be happy is quite simple, but it's not exactly the easiest thing to do. But thanks to Janella Salvador, who shared her happiness hack in ...
No more loopy knots! Learn how to tie the perfect bow like a pro.
Every person knows how to tie a bow, but not all can achieve the perfect one. Watch this neat and easy trick to top that perfect bow on your gifts.STEP 1: Wrap the ribbon around the box, making sure they're at equal lengths on each side ...
Peeling an orange doesn't have to be such a difficult task!
With this nifty trick, you won't have to dig through the fruit's thick skin, and you'll even separate each segment with ease.How to do it? First, roll the orange gently on a flat surface. Slice off the ends and make an incision ...
Based on a Japanese method.
There are days when no matter how much you will yourself to do something that requires work or use of energy, you end up spending the day doing absolutely nothing. And instead of owning up to it, you're quick to blame it ...
Damsels in distress? Of course not.
We can finally live up to being independent girls who run the world. When cooking or when we just want to spread our favorite jam on bread, we feel helpless when those jar lids won't budge! No more feeling like weaklings because ...
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