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From flattering MLBBs to sophisticated reds.
Matte lipsticks often get a bad reputation for being drying on the pout—chapped, cracked lips are never cute, TBH. Thankfully, those days are over because today's matte lippies are comfortable to wear. New formulas are highly pigmented and hydrating so you get ...
Check out these local gems.
Looking for local films to explore? Aside from recent hits and Netflix trending recos, how about starting with rom coms or Pinoy romance movies from the '90s, and working your way through the aughts?Below, the best Pinoy romantic movies to see, according ...
Which one can you relate to the most?
If you’ve ever gone through a breakup, you’ll know that it’s never easy. You’ll go through all sorts of feels—from being hurt, heartbroken, in denial, and eventually (and hopefully), accepting and even thankful.Exes are people we once loved, so it's not always ...
Let it all out.
Feeling down or defeated due to a recent heartbreak? We feel you. And with the status quo having everyone feeling extra anxious and isolated lately, it can't be easy to add healing from a break to the mix. You may already have ...
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