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Improve your communication skills.
Words give us the power to express ourselves and communicate with others. Our word choice reflects how we want to be perceived by the people we talk to whether they are loved ones, classmates, or strangers we meet. And while we believe ...
Sound smarter and more credible by decluttering your sentences.
As we've written before, "irregardless" is often incorrect—it's "regardless." The word has been in use since the early 1900s. It wasn't initially in the dictionary but after its widespread misuse, it was added. While it might now be considered a word, grammar ...
When you think about it, a bonus is already added happiness.
Common phrases, unnecessary words. Let's keep things simple. No need to repeat.ATM machineATM stands for automated teller "machine." Spare yourself the effort of saying machine. That's what the acronym is for—communication as fast as the ATM delivers cash.Repeat againThis phrase is commonly ...
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