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"Step 1: I accept the grade that I received, then cry over it."
Ever since my preschool days, I have always wanted to achieve the highest for my academics. Initially, I liked having good grades because my parents would give me gifts as a reward. Though don’t get me wrong, my parents didn’t bribe me ...
It's not always about good grades.
Graduation is typically seen as a cause for celebration, but it doesn’t feel that way for you. Sure, you’re relieved that you’re finally graduating after four tedious years of late-night study sessions and last-minute deadlines. At the same time though, you’re upset ...
It’s going to suck, but you’ll be okay.
Failing a class sucks. You're forced to repeat it for another term while all your other blockmates move forward in life, which drains any feelings of self-worth right out of you. Failures essentially make you feel like it’s the end of the ...
Note to self: You having a hard time does not equate to you being less smart.
College seems more bearable because we have our friends who relate to our struggles. But sometimes, our circles don’t necessarily go through the same things we do. You may be struggling to keep your grades up, but for your friends, getting As ...
"Close that book for a day or two and have the time of your life away from your desk."
Let's face it, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a report card filled with straight As and line of nines. Ever since you were a kid, you've always set yourself up to such a standard because, aside from how others expected ...
The study aid that never tasted this good!
If you need that extra push to be on top of your game in class, you better check out this genius drink, which study says, can help boost your brain power.Don't believe us? Watch it here!Read more here! Subscribe to our YouTube channel ...
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