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And nope, it's not his High School Musical castmate and ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens.
Zac Efron spills on who his first crush was and it's not who you think it is. It's actually Heather Graham who caught his eye. He now stars in a movie with her—who would have thought? Read more about the story on ...
Sel's unreleased single from her new record has leaked online and rumor has it that it's about Justin Bieber.
It seems like Selena Gomez is taking her cue from friend Taylor Swift and putting her feelings in a song. Could her new single be about her ex-beau Justin Bieber?Though she said her first single off the new album would be "Come ...
The reason? She just receives death threats from One Direction's fans. And that is serious.
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What will happen to Kimerald and Gerald's relationship with Bea?
For the past few months, showbiz reporters never stopped talking about the most controversial love team of the year, Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu. Last July, there were reports about Kim trying to commit suicide due to her rumored break up with ...
Miley shoots down rumors that have been hounding her lately in this video she shot for her fans and why should you stop spreading rumors.
How do rumors start? Simple—by talking. And let's face, it we all love to talk. Whether it's about something as babaw as a passerby's bad taste in clothes or as juicy as who's dating who in the showbiz. Whether huddled in the ...
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Candy spills the dirt and uncovers the painful truth about gossiping.
Patty*, 15, doesn’t know how it all started. “I was just talking to Jay a lot about this band that we both like. The next thing I knew, there were rumors that I was making him my ‘project’—that I was out to ...
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