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LagrimaThis neighborhood taco shop was dreamt up by communications professional Mano Lotho who craved a taste of the authentic tacos he grew up eating in California. Stumbling into La Lucha Taqueria in Cebu proved to be serendipitous—the stallÂwas run by a Mexican ...
Even if you have no plans on taking a foodstagram.
These days, restaurants place a premium not just on the food they prepare but also in the manner that they serve it. Does it look appetizing? Will it look good in a flat lay? Is it Instagrammable? Enter the lifestyle brand that has ...
Some places are worth the extra mile.
( One of the best things about Ateneo is the abundance of restaurants that open up along the strip of Katipunan and its neighboring areas. With so many choices, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Whether you're a frequent diner or an occasional ...
For your next barkada food trip.
These days, it's not enough to keep tabs on the newest resto on the block. There are constantly new food spots opening up and we can't keep up! Good thing there are tons of food parks opening up in the metro that ...
Expect to take lots of #foodstagram shots!
If you tuned in on your Instagram feed last weekend, then there's no way you would've missed the news about the much-awaited opening of Sunnies Café a.k.a. the It girls' new favorite hangout. From the same genius group of creatives who brought ...
If you're looking for a place to have urban comfort food with your girl friends, you've come to the right spot.
Have you always imagined yourself walking the streets of New York, trying all the trendy food spots with the B to your S but simply haven't saved up enough to fly off to the Big Apple? Newly opened on the upper ground floor ...
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