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Love unicorns? This list is for you!
Along with all things pastel, unicorns are also having a moment. The whimsical (not mythical because they're real, okay?) creature is associated with soft hues, rainbows, glitter and sparkles, and everything pretty—and who could resist any of those things?! If you love ...
Glitter isn't just for kids anymore.
All kids love to play with glitter. After all, it's hard not to fall in love with the shining, shimmering, and splendid accents of glitter. Back in the day, the only way you could incorporate glitter into your beauty looks was through ...
Prepare for a hot summer with these cute earrings.
I spotted these cute glittered feather earrings at one of the hottest retail stores. It looked so fun and colorful, perfect for the fast approaching summer season. I could have splurged on the trendy piece right then and there, but of course, ...
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