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The show brought joy to millions, but a number of its cast have experienced unimaginable tragedies.
"Glee," a musical show that inspired millions, is no stranger to tragedy. Using music to touch the lives of its audience, the series followed teenagers as they meandered through the minefield of adolescence. While all the characters found a happy ending in ...
Rest in peace, Naya.
On July 14, Ventura County police in California confirmed that Glee star Naya Rivera's body has been found after she went missing five days prior. In a press conference, police stated that there was no indication of suicide or foul play.On July 9, a search and ...
It’ll be just like the good, old days—except now, you can watch it any time, anywhere.
Do you still remember the times when you’d get home from school and turn on the TV to watch shows through your family’s cable subscription? Good times, good times. Those were the days when online streaming services weren’t a thing yet. Now ...
He was also her 17th rose (her 18th was her father)!
Kisses Delavin celebrated her 18th birthday yesterday, May 1, and a lot of people were surprised to know that Donny Pangilinan was her escort! Aside from that, he also gave Kisses her 17th rose. Technically, it's the person who gives the 18th ...
Here are the 5 things you missed today, January 24, 2017!
We've all watched James Reid and Nadine Lustre's guesting last Sunday at Gandang Gabi Vice, and how they finally shared the story behind their infamous LQ at the movie theater that went viral. Apparently, James was embarrassed that they were the cause of ...
Put these on repeat this Christmas.
Nothing says Christmas cheer like a great mix to play all holiday long. We've put together some classic carols with a twist to help you build your own holiday playlist. Make sure to follow us on Spotify for more fun mixes!What are your ...
Yas, kweens!
What makes a queen bee? Well, according to the high school rulebook that is Mean Girls, there are three main factors: a good physique, a band of loyal followers, and an Aaron Samuels of their own. But of course, each queen bee ...
Catch up on today's updates about Justin Bieber's dating life, a Glee reunion, a Maze Runner baby, Zac Efron's gift for Simone Biles, and Ruru Madrid's sweet birthday greeting for Gabbi Garcia.
It seems like Justin Bieber is single and not looking to mingle. On his 26th visit to The Ellen Show he announced his US stadium tour and discussed his dating life—or lack thereof, anyway. He told Ellen Degeneres that he's single and ...
Catch up on today's stories about Gregg Sulkin and Bella Thorne, Ariana Grande's MTV VMAs news, Chvrches' cover of a dance hit, Naya Rivera's tell-all, and Lady Gaga's new single!
We're definitely even more excited for the MTV VMAs now that the announcement has been made that Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj are performing "Side to Side" from Dangerous Woman. BRB, practicing our dance moves so we can sing and dance along!You need to ...
Or not, considering all the craziness that goes down in some of these TV universities!
If you're an incoming college freshie, by now you have probably picked your university and are stressing about this big change in your life. If you're still in high school, choosing your course and university is probably something you lose sleep over. ...
Heather Morris is in town, you guys!
If we were to guess what Glee's Brittany S. Pierce is up to now, she's probably conquering the world with her genius brain—and hosting web series Fondue for Two on her downtime. As for her real-life counterpart, actress Heather Morris? Well, she ...
Don't miss the latest updates on Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn, Liam Hemsworth's new campaign, Heather Morris's wedding, Hailee Steinfeld sings Jessie J, and the trailer for a new Steve Jobs movie.
Sorry, Tyley fans, but looks like Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn isn't really happening IRL. The Pretty Little Liars star recently cleared the rumors during her interview with Fashion magazine, addressing reports that she's dating co-star Tyler. "Relationships are so hard in this business. ...
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