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She is confidently stressed with a heart.
This girl knows what she wants. She's spontaneous and she doesn't need to seek any approval with what she does because she knows it's best for both of you. But don't get dismayed because she respects you.Girl bosses also want surprises, but ...
Say what you will about the polarizing show, but you have to admit it has its stellar moments.
The day that Girlboss dropped, we sped through the loose—real loose—retelling of Sophia Amoruso's Nasty Gal beginnings as fast as her meteoric rise to the top. What should be a triumphant rags-to-riches story is tainted by the vintage clothing line's bankruptcy and ...
Nasty Gal at its finest.
Nasty Gal may not be available in the Philippines and may no longer be available in the US, too, but there's no doubt that the famous clothing brand and its founder Sophia Amoruso had changed the fashion department for good. Now, Sophia ...
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