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It’s a slap in the face when the person who eagerly swept you off your feet suddenly goes floating away.
Let’s talk about ghosts. No, not the spirits of the dead that occasionally come back to the land of the living. Those are not difficult to understand. They’re just lonely and miss us. The real supernatural phenomena are the alive and well ...
You meet this person. You click. Things go relatively well. Then one day?—boom. They just disappear into thin air.
We’ve all probably heard it at least once or twice?—dating, in this day and age, has become ten times more difficult. Some people just wanna have fun, others have commitment issues, and everyone else doesn’t really have dating as one of their top ...
Welcome to the confusing world of dating. LOL!
Dating in this day and age sure is confusing. Not only are we dealing with the existence of social media, but we're also dealing with a ton of confusing dating trends. We really don't know anymore. But still, we find ourselves laying ...
No, it's not about poop, Chanel. *rolling eyes emoji*
We all know what ghosting means, right? It's when the dude or girl you like just disappears without reason—stops replying to your messages, refuses to answer your calls, leaves without a trace. But not according to the people from Scream Queens. Hit ...
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