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She only had P1,500 to start with.
Running a business while in med school sounds like a lot to take on. But for first-year med student Sofie Andin, it's one way for her to stay connected to her love for the arts, and to keep growing as an artist.Sofie, 22, sculpts ...
Throwback to life before physical distancing.
When the pandemic hit us months before the school year ended, some students barely got the chance to formally say goodbye to their classmates and friends, and seniors didn’t even experience a physical graduation. By this point, we're pretty sure if we ...
We're in love!
Growing up, many of us had to deal with strict parents. It's just a normal part of our lives! To what extent, however, usually varies from family to family. But one thing we know for sure is Pinoy parents are the ~strictest~ ...
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