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Switch your geek mode on.
In case you haven't noticed yet, we've all been geeking out over the geek trend recently. While there are many ways to channel your inner nerd (read: patches, unconventional layering, quirky accessories), the obvious and most effective way to switch your geek ...
Their weapon of choice? A pair of nerdy eyeglasses!
Whoever said that geeks can't be stylish is totally wrong and we can prove it! We've rounded up some of your favorite celebrities and bloggers who gave the geek chic trend a try and aced it! Read on below to learn more ...
Glasses for four-eyed girls everywhere!
Four-eyed girls have a variety of options now. From serious-looking specs to candy-colored glasses, there are so many kinds to choose from. Check out some of the cool frames you can get whether you've got 20/20 vision or need prescription lenses.Sunnies SpecsIMAGE Ray-Ban ...
Want eye-catching makeup even with your glasses on? Read on to learn the basics of applying the perfect look, fit for your focals!
Wearing glasses doesn't automatically mean you have limited makeup choices. In fact, it's even possible to splash on whatever makeup trend or look you want to. But before you start venturing onto bolder looks, here's 10 basic steps to picture perfect makeup ...
James Reid thinks that girls who wear geeky spectacles are cute.
Geeky glasses can be the finishing touch that pulls an outfit together. It can add character to a simple getup. Pick frames that will complement the frame of your face. Fashionable geeky glasses usually are big and square like wayfarers. Consider the ...
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