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Why shame those who could potentially change the world?
"Nerd," "geek," "know-it-all." These are just some of the terms that people call out who show a higher level of intellect. You'd think people would traditionally compliment them or praise them for their smart li'l brain but no, not in 2016. Smart shaming ...
Can you speak geek?
The terms "geek" in itself is hard to define. Geeks are often confused with nerds, but the two aren't actually synonymous. Geeks don't necessarily have to be nerds. You can be a "Gleek," a person addicted to Glee, a "DC Universe Geek," ...
Explore all the themed cafés of Manila and bring out the inner geek in you.
With a steady increase of themed places popping up around Manila, there's bound to be something you have yet to discover. Furthermore, since most of us are still in a high from watching Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse, we've gathered ...
There are 2 Macs in my life—the one that I put on the outside, and the one I can re-program from the inside.
There are many things in the world that I don't understand.Math, for example, is and will always remain as a perpetual mystery that I'm not even sure I have enough willpower (or sanity) to solve. I'm no genius, but it doesn't take ...
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