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Music transcends all barriers, even ones that are caused by language.
It might sound cheesy, but if you asked me to list all the times music has helped me through periods in my life I wasn’t sure I would even be able to come out of, I couldn’t count them all on my ...
Just like K-Pop superstar G-Dragon, Iñigo Pascual wants to "try new things that people haven't done yet, somehow break the norm, in a way."
Iñigo Pascual admits he's also one of those "kinain na ng sistema."The 19-year-old performer is currently obsessed about K-Pop and anything related to (Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with Iñigo on Friday night, September 8, during the second day of Bench Fashion Week Holiday ...
This after T.O.P. apologized in a handwritten note regarding the "disturbance."
In light of the recent issue regarding BIGBANG's T.O.P. testing positive for smoking pot, G-Dragon reportedly apologized at a big fan meet in Japan. Addressing fans, G-Dragon, who was there with the rest of BIGBANG with the exception of T.O.P. who is ...
The 5 things you missed today, February 20, 2017.
We haven't really read any updates about the rumored Elounor reunion up until now. Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder have reportedly gotten back together! Sources have revealed that the two have been secretly spending a ton of time together in LA. Eleanor, ...
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