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Allan Beltran May 24, 2020
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It's an emotional roller coaster.
Bangs seem to be the hottest hairstyle today, and as public service, we want to let you know ~everything~ you'll experience once you get a fringe. Below are the stages one goes through after cutting their hair based on real-life accounts (from ...
Would you wear 'em?
The funny girls over at The Soshal Network have got a proposition for you. Why not make your own tassel earrings...out of the humble household walis tingting? We're taking them up on it because, in all honesty, these could actually #werq!Brooms aren't ...
Pun-tastic things to buy for yourself or give as a gift to your equally pun-ny friend.
Do you appreciate a good pun? Do you enjoy being around people who like to throw around puns like it's nobody's business? Then you must be attracted to all things pun-ny, like these merch with on point puns!This is the perfect shirt ...
LOLs over here!
We get it, there's nothing worse than waking up to a huge zit right in the middle of your face. But no matter how much you hate your acne, let's face it, there's just no stopping them. While getting a pimple can ...
So punny!
While other celebs focus on perfecting their Instagram shots or making sure that what they post is #feedgoals, Janella Salvador sees to it that her captions are as engaging and entertaining as her photos. Below, we listed 10 of Janella's pun-niest posts!Double pun, FTW!When ...
Check out these beauty problems turned into beauty memes that won't fail to make you LOL!
While for some girls a bad hair day or brows un-fleek (LOL) is a simple problem that can easily be overlooked, beauty girls understand how grave the situation can be. The internet is a treasure trove for all the different beauty problems a ...
It was a part of growing up... for many of us.
( When your dentist said you needed braces on your teeth, it was a relief to finally get your pearly whites fixed. It will be okay, he said. Until you started wasting away due to your inability to eat absolutely anything that ...
I'm not joking anymore, guys!
Being funny isn't always an advantage. Yes, you're the one to always break the ice during awkward situations. Your classmates also see you as someone who can make the busy days easier to bear. But there are also moments when you wish ...
It's just not easy to keep up with them. But they're worth it.
Relationships aren't easy and it's twice as hard when you're with a famous person. When you have a celebrity for a "boyfriend," you're ready to ditch plans when he's set to have a tell-all interview on TV or when he's coming to ...
Get a crack out of these scenes and unforgettable lines from your fave onscreen characters!
Thor likes his drinkOne of the best and unpredictable scenes in Thor, the mug smashing bit to show his delight for another cup of joe.Jacob getting punched for a kiss"I kissed Bella. Then she broke her hand punching my face. Total misunderstanding." ...
Are you scared that you're becoming the overly attached girlfriend? Check the signs here!
Showing your love for your guy the best way you know how is normal. Why would you even be in a relationship with him if you just stop exerting effort altogether once you become a couple, right? But there's a line that ...
Because real life ALWAYS gets in the way of properly fangirling over our fave TV shows and movies. #TheStruggleIsReal
 1  Denial: When the actual cast is not the cast you imagined.via tarisilmarwen.tumblr.comWhat we tell ourselves: This cast, tho.Sure, we're not all casting directors (though we should totally be hired to do that), but the cast in our heads for any TV show ...
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First. Pixie dust and paper cuts – these are the first things Wendy knew about Peter Pan. Aurora first met Prince Philip when she was sixteen. Learning how to ride a bike was also a first while I was growing up, but you are probably the first of too many. The first collection of dust and stars; maybe Luna will try to ask, who was your first? I might answer and tell her that it was you.

The first of too many stars in the sky. You are the first of too many fallen leaves during fall – and you will be the most anticipated snowflake as winter comes. A dark path that you can’t see without any light, hence, you were once the moon and there are the stars that shine so bright at night. Are we too early? Or we just really want to be ahead of time? Even in a glimpse, I would like to see the two of us connect as if we can reach the sky. There are other parts of the heavens you have never saw and other oceans you haven’t laid your feet onto – but the constellations will always wait for you. Close your eyes, love, close your eyes. Start counting backward: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Count backward until you see the twinkling lights that will guide you to the right path. To the right satellite; to the right person. A first.

There are many firsts – first love, first heartbreak, first sport you played, the first thing you do in the morning, the first thing you remember about the person in front of you. There are a lot. It’s actually up to us how we will consider something as a first. So, Primo, you are already a first of too many.

Bea Alamis A day ago
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