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From flying to saving lives this pandemic.
Madel Lucena, a former flight attendant of Cebu Pacific switched careers to be a medical technologist after she was laid off from her job due to recession. That’s why she pursued a career as a med tech, not just to fulfill her path ...
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Let’s not forget to thank them!
Saving lives is no easy feat. While we can stay at home to do our part, we also need to think about those working in the frontlines like the healthcare workers, police officers, and service crew employees who tirelessly do their jobs ...
What's your favorite Eraserheads song?
The Candy editors share what their favorite Eraserheads song is. How about you, what's yours? Did you go to the Eraserheads Reunion Concert last Saturday? ...

The first ASEAN women on Everest talk about their unforgettable experience and why they're proud to be Pinays.

Full Name: Janet Belarmino-Sardena Nickname: Ja Birthday: Oct. 9 My childhood ambition was: to be an athletic trainer People will be surprised to know that: I have a weakness for kikay sandals but I have no chance to wear them ‘cause I'm ...
Candy shows you how to pursue higher education somewhere over the rainbow—and find the pot of gold at the end!
The thought of living out your formative years in a faraway land is daunting yet exhilarating. But not just anyone can live up to the task at hand; it takes someone with daring. If you think you have enough guts to live ...
They play angsty teens on TV, but what are they like in real life? A fan meets the cast of One Tree Hill!
Cell phone on silent mode. TV volume turned up. Eyes glued to the screen. That's how I watch One Tree Hill every week. I'm a huge fan of the show, so imagine my excitement when I heard that James Lafferty (who plays ...
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