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You’ll have everything you need to know before your first day!
Are you ready to take on college? There’s a lot to be excited about such as the unique environment, people to meet, and lessons you’ll learn. It’s a ~*whole new world*~ out there but you should definitely be equipped with the right ...
Which ones do you relate to?
For many, college is a priceless experience in life. Every year you spend in college has something unique to offer. There's so much to learn, and we're not only talking about textbook knowledge. It won't take you until senior year to realize a ...
"You suddenly or sometimes won’t feel so smart anymore."
Here’s what incoming college students can expect during their freshman year, the good, the bad… and what’s to be determined.Now that you’re in college, there’s more room to breathe. You handle your own schedule and if you have no uniforms, you get ...
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