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If you want to appreciate subtitles on a whole new level, try becoming a freelance subtitler.
When you're watching videos on your favorite streaming platforms, it's sometimes more helpful when the subtitles are on. They're a big help in understanding the content you're watching. If you want to appreciate subtitles on a whole new level, try becoming a freelance ...
Earn a little extra from your hobby.
Quarantine gave many of us some extra time finally pursue things we didn't have time for before. Many student-entreps finally got to launch their dream businesses, others started passion projects, while some took on extra side hustles for additional income. Some of us simply ...
It's perfect for students looking for an extra source of money.
Many college students are making the most out of their time at home by taking on side hustles that allow them to earn extra allowance. From tasks that involve typing to tutoring jobs, there are plenty of money-earning opportunities on the internet that ...
These YouTubers are here to help you look for opportunities online.
Now that students don't receive allowance on a regular basis, many have resorted to finding other means to earn extra money while at home. Aside from having additional cash to spend on essentials and the occasional online shopping, it's also a productive ...
"Can we just normalize letting people do their thing?"
In life, we're made to believe that one of the indicators of success is when we get employed by top-tier corporations. Sure, it looks good on the resume, and there are other benefits to it, too. But there are also other non-traditional ...
Interested in becoming one?
Now that people are turning to social media and video streaming platforms, the demand for video creators and editors have started to boom. Aside from making your own videos to "put yourself out there," video editing can be one way to earn extra ...
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