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Add these to your watchlist if you want a no-pressure bonding sesh.
In case you’ve forgotten, Mother’s Day is this weekend! As much as we’re all for physical presents, why not give her the gift of quality time instead? You can take her out for dinner, book a pamper day at the spa, or maybe ...
Let's play a little game this morning, Candy Girls!
The emojis have taken the world by storm. There are a lot of "Guess That Emoji-fied" things online—guess the title of the song, guess the lyrics, we even have the #CandySingingEmoji. So today, we're giving you a 15-item emoji movie guessing game, ...
Let this movies inspire you to get your swag on this month of September!
It is the month to exude swagger and effortless cool, embrace everything about yourself, and just be rad the way you are. Still not comfortable to walk with your head held high and accept the fact that you are awesome, too? Here ...
Celebrate this day by holding an ugly crying sesh with your mom, while watching these movies!
How about sitting with mom on the couch and holding a movie marathon on a Mother's Day? Besides, she's the best company for an ugly crying sesh.1. Stepmom. A good reminder that the best person to have beside you when life's changing ...
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