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"Without even trying, Yanzi always lit up the room from the moment she walked in..."
The student athletic community is in deep mourning as football player Yana Bautista, 17, formerly of Miriam College High School, died from COVID-19 on July 22.According to the post by her sister, Martie Bautista, Yana was disgnosed with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM), a disease affecting the central nervous system, which was ...
Check out the super cute footwear you can sport to show your support in this year's competition!
This week on Style Scoop, we dish on all two fashion footwear brands taking part in celebrating this year's World Cup! Just scroll down to see how you can take part in the celebration in style.World Cup SneakersIf you love Keds and football, ...
Can't get past all the football jargon? We've got you covered!
It is officially World Cup season, Candy Girls! Cue the late nights (no thanks to you, time difference!), football-centric social media posts, and drool-worthy boys. Trust us, it's definitely worth staying up for. Hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup is none other ...
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