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Although you can still be a flight attendant with any college degree, these courses will help you become a stronger candidate when you apply!
If the thought of having to travel to different countries while participating in diverse cultures as a career excites you, then you will most definitely enjoy the idea of being a flight attendant. Like many humanities and hospitality courses, the professional path to ...
"I just lost the job that I dearly love."
If you spent an unreasonably excessive amount of time on TikTok, you might have chanced upon one of Cebu Pacific flight attendant Jen Barangan's clips. If not, then you've probably seen someone duet one of her TikToks (especially aspiring flight attendants who tried ...
"I thought it’s only a man’s job."
If you think it's too late for you to reach your ~ultimate~ goal in life, think again. This flight attendant didn’t stop pursuing her dream to become a pilot.From flying as a flight attendant, Chezka Paulina Carandang, a 26-year-old Communication Arts graduate from Miriam ...
From flying to saving lives this pandemic.
Madel Lucena, a former flight attendant of Cebu Pacific switched careers to be a medical technologist after she was laid off from her job due to recession. That’s why she pursued a career as a med tech, not just to fulfill her path ...
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