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Curious about what the experience is like for a first-timer?
I’m fond of makeup, but my Everest is applying mascara. I have a difficult time curling my lashes. Not only do I lack the skill of doing it, but I also have this fear of accidentally pulling out my lashes. With my ...
Because really, there's a potential friend in every situation.
Congratulations, you finally made it to university life! We're pretty sure you're having mixed emotions—your excitement is uncontainable but at the same time, there's this uneasy feeling at the pit of your stomach. In fact, it's all a bit overwhelming. You're leaving the comforts of ...
It's called reality, and it's not that bad.
We’ve been told that expectation is the root of all heartache, but our naïve hearts continue to pine for that Disney fantasy. While we have rom-coms, Nicholas Sparks, and Ryan Gosling to blame, it’s usually ourselves who preserve these unrealistic expectations. Hey ...
Ever wonder how a guy's life changes after getting together with his first girlfriend? Girls, take note!
I had spent a good portion of my life looking on as friends (both guys and girls) got into relationships and became part of a couple. I thought that I was a nice enough guy, I had qualities that would appeal to ...
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