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Thinking about getting inked?
Fantasizing about tattoo ideas is fun, but actually getting inked is a completely different story. Tattoos are typically permanent (kind of, at least), so feelings of doubt and intimidation may temper your initial excitement. The final decision is obviously up to you, ...
Curious about what the experience is like for a first-timer?
I’m fond of makeup, but my Everest is applying mascara. I have a difficult time curling my lashes. Not only do I lack the skill of doing it, but I also have this fear of accidentally pulling out my lashes. With my ...
Knowing how to operate a vehicle is a good ~adulting~ skill to have.
Traffic in the country may suck the life out of us, but knowing how to operate a vehicle is still a good ~adulting~ skill to have. If you’re thinking of learning how to drive, the first thing you need to obtain is ...
Before you commit to your first ink, you might want to consider these things first.
Tattoos are one of the many creative ways to express your identity. Not to mention, they’re super pretty. But beyond the aesthetic, getting a tattoo is one of those important life decisions and is therefore a huge deal. Before you commit to your ...
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