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Here's how to make a better first impression.
A lot goes into making a good first impression. Some people pay closer attention to their appearance, while others could be more concerned about showing up on time and perfecting their handshake method. All of these surely contribute to how new people perceive ...
Because really, there's a potential friend in every situation.
Congratulations, you finally made it to university life! We're pretty sure you're having mixed emotions—your excitement is uncontainable but at the same time, there's this uneasy feeling at the pit of your stomach. In fact, it's all a bit overwhelming. You're leaving the comforts of ...
What do guys notice first in a girl?
monday"Her legs."Francis, 20tuesday"Her charm."TJ, 23tuesdaywednesday"Her smile." Javy, 20wednesdaythursday"Their eyes, because they're what I look at first. Could be big or small or captivating. To me a girl's eyes are really what makes their face so unique and eye-catching (get it? Haha!)."Elmo, 18thursdayfriday"Physically, ...
We went around the DLSU Campus during the 100th year Animo Party to scout for some cuties and ask them what they notice first in a girl.
Do first impressions last for you?
monday"Yes!"Matt, 19tuesday"Not really. My impression of the person changes the more I get to know them." Daniel, 18tuesdaywednesday"No because people change." JC, 22wednesdaythursday"Not really because there are a lot of people who makes a good impression the first time you meet them ...
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