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As well as students of state colleges and vocational schools.
College education is very important, but admittedly, it can get considerably expensive. Aside from tuition fees, students are also required to shell out money for other types of expenses like school supplies and other miscellaneous fees.While plenty of students have ventured into student-friendly ...
There are other ways to pay for tuition even if your grades aren’t as competitive as others'.
Now that classes have started again for majority of schools, many students and parents are again faced with the burden of paying for tuition. Although many schools offer scholarship grants, these often require a certain academic achievement that not everyone is capable ...
It wouldn't hurt to try!
It's official, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has plunged the country into recession as the economy shrank for the second straight quarter. Parents are resorting to online barter to be able to send their children school, and some students are even contemplating ...
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