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We’ll get through this together, one tweet at a time.
School is fun, exciting and a genuinely great place to be in. But once every few months come hell week and suddenly the campus tranforms into zombie land! Everyone is sporting dark circles like it’s the newest trend and dashing here and ...
From developing good study habits to making your desk conducive to reviewing, we've got you covered!
We know you're probably tired from all the late nights spent studying and finishing up final projects for the past couple of days. Before you give up completely, we've rounded up some very helpful tips we've collected through the years to aid ...
Load up on food that's high in protein for that needed energy boost to help you power through.
While it's easy to just pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave or order in fast food for a late night of studying, instead of burning the midnight oil, you'll probably be snoozing even before the clock strikes 12. Apart from ...
All you need are these 10 songs so you can calm down this finals week and do what you need to do.
Finals week is here. It's like the storm before everything finally calms down. It's the point in your school year when summer vacay feels so near and that it's within your reach already. But then you have to finish writing a hundred ...
Students in their hell week habitat—please approach with caution.
"You look tired."Well I wonder what gave it away. Could it have been my hair that I have forgotten to comb, possibly my eyebags that actually feel they're throbbing, or maybe my barely-open set of eyes? I'm so sorry I did not ...
DIY and YouTube star Bethany gives the 101 on surviving the dreadful finals week through study tips, and ofcourse easy hair, makeup and wardrobe looks you can pull off without the added stress!
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