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Take notes and learn from the best, Candy Girls!
In light of recent events, such as Trump's constant put-downs of women, Senator Sotto's na-ano comment, and the sexual abuse and misogyny that still continue in today's world—whether it's being catcalled on the street or being reprimanded for wearing "distracting" clothing—here are five ...
"Feminists are just angry lesbians..."
In 2014, Beyonce performed at the MTV Video Music Awards, with the word "feminist" boldly shining behind her as she did. People went crazy over this, one reason being that they considered Beyonce courageous for proudly declaring herself a feminist in a ...
It's a safe space for women of all ages.
Just in time for Women's Month, a group of women have banded together to rally Filipinas and create a safe space where women can talk face-to-face about issues that concern us. We spoke to Mich Dulce, fashion designer, milliner, corsetiere, actress, and ...
See the list of your favorite empowered female celebrities as they shed light on social causes.
It's good to see people from Hollywood are also using their fame to shed light on social causes happening around the world right now. Here is the list of empowered females you can look up to as role models.In a patriarchal society, ...
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