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Zara’s end of season sale has officially begun!
Hot on the heels of the bounce back sales earlier this month, Zara’s end of season sale has officially begun. While the markdown signals the end of the summer season, those of you rethinking your wardrobe to beat the heat at home ...
Here are some things you may have not known about fast fashion.
If you have not heard of the term fast fashion, it's essentially low cost clothing that is constantly changing to copy current fashion trends. Big labels such as H&M, Zara, Forever 21, Uniqlo, and so on are brands that are considered fast ...
The items in question have already been pulled out of the stores.
Spanish high street label Zara is currently under fire for allegedly ripping off the designs of Tuesday Bassen, a Los Angeles-based artist and owner of who has also previously worked with brands like Urban Outfitters, adidas, and Nike.Airing out her complaints ...
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