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The Teen Queen welcomes you to her world in this fanmag!
Can't get enough of teen queen Kathryn Bernardo? Well this fan magazine is exactly what you need for company! As a way of thanking her "solid" fans for their unrelenting support, Kath together with Candy releases Kathryn: A Candy Fan Magazine."You've been such ...
Here's an exclusive look at the Catching Fire Fan Magazine. Don't forget to grab your copy before the movie comes out next week!
Find out more about the returning tributes in a four-page feature about Finnick Odair, Johanna Mason, and the rest of the Victors.Have a Hunger Games-themed party to celebrate the release of Catching Fire in cinemas! This fan magazine has everything you need to ...
We'll be posting more in the coming days (including your meet-and-greet pictures) so keep this link bookmarked!
Missed out on the fan con? Don't fret because we covered the highlights for you!
Last August 18, the Skydome in SM North Edsa was bursting with fans' cheers and screams. Before the show even started, the line was full of excited fans carrying their DANIEL official Candy fan mags, banners, and other merchandise. Some people were ...
Heavy rains did not prevent Candy Girls from trooping to SM North EDSA's Skydome, lining up, and screaming, "We love you, Daniel Padilla!"
There are four things you should do this weekend!
Fan Mag OverloadIt's time to head to the nearest bookstores this weekend and grab a copy of the One Direction Collector's Edition Candy Fan Magazine. If you have the first one from last year, make sure to get a copy of this ...
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Love everything about the heartthrob? Buy a copy of his official fan mag and come to the Daniel Padilla Fan Con on August 18.
Yup, you better believe it, Daniel Padilla fans. It's real and it's here! The Daniel Padilla official Candy fan mag is out in select music stores, bookstores, and newsstands nationwide for only P150. Everything you want to know and need to know ...
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