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Cue Taylor Swift's song, "Today Was a Fairytale."
Once upon a time, every young girl's dream is to ride off into the sunset with her Prince Charming, Happily Ever After. Even without a horse or a sunset, American actress Meghan Markle still got that fairy tale love story because she is ...
Enchanted elements made this debut a real-life fairy tale.
Fascinated with fairytales and magic, Donna chose to have an enchanted theme for her debut. Charming elements of nature defined the fantasy look of her party.Key to achieving Donna's real-life fairytale was the customized entryway to the venue. Donna had specially requested the dreamy entrance, so that her guests ...
There are just some things we don’t want to end from last year!
Now that another year has passed, it doesn’t have to mean that everything must come to a close. Well, we’re crossing our fingers and being extra positive too! We’re counting down the things that we wouldn’t mind coming across more of in ...
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