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Can you handle the truth?
Like most things in life, the good times of cool February days went by too fast. We haven't even maxed out our quota for cold weather-related hugot lines and bam!, March is already here—and so is the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical ...
These are the harsh realities revealed by North Korean defectors.
When it comes to information about the reclusive state of North Korea, the best intelligence agencies of the world, including the CIA, are uncharacteristically less informed. They heavily rely on South Korea for much of the intelligence regarding the North.Popular K-Drama series ...
#5 Someone banned Christmas and it's not the Grinch!
Get to know more about the most wonderful time of the year!Telling ghost stories were an old Christmas Eve tradition in the past century that died out.Well, the name Santa Claus comes from an actual person who is a Christian bishop from ...
The next time your friends or loved one ask you to watch this film again on Halloween, you'll have things you'll look forward to, and be able to talk about it after!
We feel like we're on a Halloween high recently, and to aid with the hype, we're featuring a timeless Halloween movie—The Nightmare Before Christmas! We happened to drop by ChannelFrederator's YouTube channel, and lucky us, he has gathered over a hundred facts about ...
Just because it's a rainy day doesn't mean we should be gloomy.
We see rain as a negative thing—especially when classes aren't suspended and you get newly bought shoes wet early in the morning, or after the day's end. We've gathered some interesting and fun facts to make your rainy days turn upside-down.Rain starts ...
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