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A dermatologist weighs in.
Just like a massage, facials are often seen as a luxury or a stress reliever. While facials are a great way to relax and unwind, a facial is also necessary in order to achieve healthy, glowing skin. Even if you already have ... Correspondents Mix and Jona celebrated beauty at the Face My Love Grand Fans Day. Look extra pretty and polished with these tips from Pond's!
The Candy girls had a beautylicious blast during the Grand Fans Day of Face My Love at the Market! Maket! Activity Center last month. After going viral over the internet, Face My Love is now dubbed as this year's "most viewed, most ...
Here's how to choose and apply foundation like a pro.
Choose Your Formula: ...
Zits begone! Care for your skin properly and get clear skin at last.
Skin is like the body's gossip rag. It reveals things that we don't usually want known, like our eating habits, stresses, or even emotional state. In short, our skin doesn't lie. We can fake beautiful skin, but isn't it better to have ...
Look polished and pretty with a perfect set of eyebrows.
Treat your face to a professional facial and get on the fast track to glowing skin.
A facial is…Simply put, having your face professionally cleaned. It should be considered as basic as teeth cleaning. It’s a preventive measure, which will save you a whole lot of damage control in the future.A facialist is...A therapist for your skin. She’s ...
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