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Take notes.
Whether you're in high school or in college, with all the papers that you have to write, readings that you have to know by heart, and let's not forget the Friday night outs that help you stay sane in school, late nights ...
Banish the dark clouds under your eyes!
A girl faces a lot of beauty problems in a lifetime. From major problems like acne season to something as mundane as having a bad hair day, the list goes on and on. Even with the long list of beauty problems, you ...
Finally learn how you can get conceal those pesky dark circles under your eyes!
Been staying up late to study or talk to your bestie and always end up with dark under eye circles the moment you wake up? We've been there and let us tell you that covering it up can be tricky because one ...
Suffering from dark circles underneath your eyes? Find out the six solutions to this common beauty problem!
Ever had a beauty question you've always wanted answered? Candy Girl Espie Vergara does! She wrote on the Primp and Pamper section of TeenTalk asking for a remedy to her dark and puffy eyebags. We just love dishing beauty advice for all ...
Eye bags, dark circles, whatever you call them, we hate them! But with so much to do, who can sleep away those eye problems? Thank God that makeup guru, Michelle Phan shares her way of removing dark circles.
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